Cometic is excited to release another wave of MLX head gaskets for the Honda market. This release features head gasket for the Honda D15, D16 and H22 motors.
Cometic MLX gaskets feature a center layer “stopper” seal is a fold over design that is typically .006″ thick. This layer limits full compression (yielding) of the combustion seal embossments while increasing stress in a small (.060″ wide) cross section around the combustion chamber. No sealants or re-torquing required.
Stay tuned for more Honda/Acura parts soon!
MLX Head Gasket – 79mm Bore
Honda Civic D15B1 / D16A6
Additional Bore sizes and thicknesses available.
Part# C14005-032
MLX Head Gasket – 89mm Bore
Honda Prelude VTEC H22A
Part# C14015-032
Price: $105.00
MLX Head Gasket – 85mm Bore
Honda Civic VTEC B16 / B17 / B18
Part# C4999-043
Retail: $115.07
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