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Obviously, Covid put supply chains into a tailspin & changed the automotive industry. But in the midst of that – these auto manufacturers have really learned how to operate & thrive in a new environment. The virtual environment.  

Auto manufacturers have learned the infinite value of ‘internet hype’.

Make no mistake, car manufactures have always competed fiercely. But in the past, they competed by out-doing & out-producing one another. Whereas now in the social media era, spotlight & attention seem to be more of a driving force.

Today’s automotive PR landscape…

Is a spotlight-sealing, shouting-match of renders, one-offs, virtue signals, and substance-lacking hype videos. Shoot they literally make hype videos… for the hype videos. And all these things end with a vague cliffhanger, and a car indistinguishably & mysteriously in the shadows with the headlights on talking about, “…Coming sometime next year”. Isn’t it getting a little too predictable?

Acura EV teaser

It’s just social media glitter. And if/when these vehicles ever do ever hit production… they’re years later than expected, lightyears uglier than expected, and a third more expensive lol, trust that. 

But amidst all the hype…

These auto manufacturers have taken it a step further.  Because now they’ve started taking deposits online. And in short time, turned these online deposits into kind of the expected norm. They take your deposit & financially tie you up the sales process… while you wait through extended delays, all while paying 100% of their asking price. 

Ladies & gentlemen – that’s a presale; a go fund me. These are global auto manufacturers, and they should be above & beyond that. It’s one thing if we’re talking about a unique, specialty vehicle. But on a regular-ass production vehicle? Really?? 

Volk Wheels