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Hunt a zombie on a Ducati, sounds like a bad Macklemore lyric, but could it exist in real life? You bet. Here’s a Ducati 900SS built for the wasteland by ICON Motosports.

We know what you’re thinking, ugh, a custom bike from a company, must be boring and overpriced. But you’re wrong on both counts.

Where corporate builds are often  an OEM-sponsored partsapalooza to sell you another off-the-shelf dangly bit, ICON builds are usually snatched from their employees and modified for some giggles and a few other things.

What that means is, they work, and they’re also a bit rough around the edges.

Want to buy it? Know this, the Ducati 900SS was from their long lineage of supersport bikes, and in their later iterations fell somewhere between a Monster and the fully gnarly sportbike offerings. So you get punch with some comfort, and a rock steady aircooled motor.

ICON added some tacticool flash, and it can be yours for $3500. If you dig it, buy it.


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