“Man I can tell you right now… it ain’t worth it.”

…That’s what Lous DeJesus said about his gorgeous Integra, in an rationally & oddly calm voice. lol.

And you know he’s lyin’. But then he’d interject and say,

“Nah I’m not lyin’… it ain’t worth it. Too much work. Too much money”


“I’ll never sell it though.” he’d add with a smile.

“Not because I don’t want to, but because my daughter won’t let me, ya know.”

Louis bought this Integra 14 years ago as a damn teenager, scheming to flip it for a quick buck. Dude STILL hasn’t sold it yet! And it’s eaten so…so…so many bucks instead of ‘making them’. I’d say something proper like “You live & you learn”… but we don’t haha. We just keep doubling down. And why wouldn’t we. Because c’mon… how perfect is this?! The car is 20 years old, and the body lines still look far more appealing than most cars coming out today.

Timeless stuff.

And at 748 horsepower (yeah you read that correctly)… Loius DeJesus can STILL let the modern domestics have their pony wars… and then take ‘em all to the cleaners in a 20-year-old FWD Honda/Acura.

It never gets old.

See, when teenager-Louis decided NOT to sell this Integra, he was dreaming of building it to run 9s. But then he starting building it too nicely. And as he got older & wiser, he figured it’d be ok to run 10s & keep license plate on it with full interior & real windows. So this thing sports power windows, locks, door panels… all the modern luxuries we come to expect in our resto-ricers. He doesn’t have air conditioning or wipers, but that’s no big deal because he lives in Orlando, Florida… where it never gets hot or rains.

The car is NOT, I repeat NOT a real Type R. Louis just always wanted a Type R, however, and he thought it was the perfect car & color. He couldn’t ever think of a better color to lay on it. So if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em! The chassis is painted outside, inside, and underneath.

Under the hood, it’s a boosted B18. The car made 800, and was then dialed back to 748 for better manners. To get to those kind of horsepower numbers, Louis had to completely build-out the engine.



B18 Golden Eagle block 84mm

CP pistons

Aluminum rods GRP

LS crank

ATI Super Damper

Moroso oil pan 5qts

B16 head port & polished

L9 speed factory head studs

Supertech springs, retainers, & valves

Skunk2 Tuner 3 cams

Skunk2 cam gears

T1 cam trigger

Vtec is locked

Skunk 2 Ultra manifold with spacer

90mm throttle body

Golden Eagle fuel rail

2300 injectors  

Blackworks turbo manifold

Precision 66/67 turbo

Precision wastegate

Tial blow off valve

Boost by gear

3-inch piping

GSR tranny with long 1st & 5th

Clutch Masters twin disc

Quaife LSD  

Wireworx wire harness

Engine built by CHAPU

Machine work done by CWP  

Downstar bolt kit


Skunk 2 Pro C coilovers

Skunk 2 camber front & back

Function 7 lower control arms

Energy Suspension bushings all the way around

Wildwood 4-piston calipers

Steel braided brake lines

XMP brake tuck


JDM front end

Spoon carbon lip

Carbon fiber hood

UKDM tail lights

Golden Eagle defusers

Type-R rear lip

Slips wheels – 15×8


Type-R interior

Type-R cluster

Type-R center consol

Type-R AC control

Black Recaros

Type-R back seats  

Spoon steering wheel

KTuned shifter

Spoon shift knob

Kevlar air bag delete

Energy Suspension 

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Text by Wooley   Photos by Josh Rivera