euro cars

Car manufacturers keep telling us the future is ‘100% without-a-doubt electric’. Maybe so; maybe not. We’ll just have to wait & see. But I do know for that future to become reality, the consumers have to want it. At least – that’s the way it works in a capitalistic society… assuming we’re still that. And from my perspective, the problem in 2022 is: Despite all their talk, car companies have yet to make an EV that’s 1) Passionate/visceral/head-turning, 2) Available right now, 3) Reasonably affordable.

So personally, I’m just not there yet. And all the applied pressure, pandering, manipulated gas prices, and government puppet-string pulling… that’s definitely not helping. 

Volkswagen EV

But in the meantime, here’s the real kicker: Over the last year, I’ve developed almost zero interest in buying any new gas-powered vehicles… from a car company who’s insistently telling me that ‘our future is EV’. By their very own admission, that’s like selling me a full-price pumpkin as we enter the Christmas season.  I wonder how many other buyers are feeling this? 

Ford, Volkswagen, GM & the like… have essentially unsold me on their current line of gas-powered vehicles… without winning me over as an EV buyer. Weird times for sure. 

Mach E Ice white

Ford transitioning to online-only, fixed-price sales