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The resurrected DeLorean just debuted their new Alpha5 at Pebble Beach. And as you can probably guess, it’s an EV, it’s large, and it doesn’t look very much like the original DeLorean aside from gullwing doors. BUT – DeLorean did bring a really interesting/creative approach to re-debuting the brand. They came out with 3 other DeLorean concepts (the Alpha2, Alpha3, and Alpha4)… which were backdated ‘fantasy concepts’ showing the direction & design of cars that DeLorean would have perhaps built if they hadn’t gone bankrupt in the 80s.

I believe a lot of the Alpha2 was based off real sketches of where the next model was headed. And the later concepts were achieved by taking DeLorean design cues, and blending them with general trends in the automotive industry at their particular times in history.


Alpha2 – Mid 90s

The Alpha2 would have still been very much a sports car in design & style. DeLorean would have been exploring aerodynamic curves, swoops, flushed headlights, etc. The typical transitions you saw happening in sports cars from the 80s to the 90s.


Alpha3 – Mid 2000s

By the mid 2000s, coupes & sports cars had been fading away. So the DeLorean Alpha3 would have been looking toward performance-oriented wagon-esque 4-seater. Something along the lines of a Porsche Panamera perhaps.


Alpha4 – Mid 2010s

By 2015 or so, DeLorean would have likely been perusing an SUV/crossover – the Alpha4. In that case… maybe its better DeLorean died in the 80s under a mound of cocaine lol. We didn’t have to watch another slow-neutering of another cool/iconic 80s car brand jkjk.

Alpha5 – Present Day

But here we are now, in real life, and DeLorean had made a real car! Sort of. It’s real as in, it’s on display & you can walk around it. But many details are vague, as is pricing. DeLorean said that only 88 will be built (get it.. 88??). Great Scott! 88 cars is hardly worth talking about, other than for the nostalgia & fun of it.

The Alpha5 has a sports car silhouette, but with larger proportions (similar to the Kia EV6 & Hyundai Ioniq 5). And while being shapeless when compared to the original, it does have some killer design cues. DeLorean says it will hit 0-60 in under 3 seconds. 0-60 has honestly lost it’s relevance to me in the EV world. But ok, that’s fast. It’s got giant gullwing doors. And I hope DeLorean comes back with some real authenticity… and is not just using this ‘EV window’ to capitalize on a gimmick.


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