euro cars


Even though a large number of the things you’ll probably run across on the S3 blog are focused around modern import cars, I felt motivated to post up a few shots from the 10th Annual Dixie Fried Car Show that took place today at the Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta. This is an all day show that is made up of mainly pre-1964 vehicles, rockabilly bands, old school movies on the drive-in’s screens, and a bunch of partying in the overly hot parking lot. Aside from it’s fairly steep entrance fee ($28 per person), the show was quite enjoyable and allowed me to see  a very different side to the automotive scene than what I’m used to. I’m still hoping to one day scoop up something a little more classic than my ’89 240SX and become a bit more involved and knowledgeable about this scene, but until then check out the gallery of the shots I got today here, or read on to see a few preview shots. Let us know what you think of this type of stuff too!








Full gallery here