Tim Kuniskis, CEO of DODGE (and Ram), is seeing himself out the damn door. It was a hell of a run & brotherhood salutes you. But in the woke world, apparently all good things must come to a flaccid end lol. Tim did the best anyone could. He fought for the Dodge brand like a true CEO should. Tim broke barriers, broke records, and unapologetically brought Dodge back to legend status. Then as political pressure from the tippy-top of Stellantis grew, Tim swallowed his obvious frustration, and pointed the ship in the direction of forced compliance, inauthenticity, and phony-sustainability. The course is now reluctantly set, and Tim Kuniskis is wisely making his exit before the ship sinks itself. 

last muscle car

Volk Wheels

Ya’ll see this, right? 

The destructive decisions have ALREADY been made at the very top of government & corporations. Now – we’re deep in the next chapter… watching the consequences. Where the last-standing true enthusiast leaders of the automotive industry are being replaced by yes-men & yes-women who will obediently walk the line & do as they’re told.

Tim Kuniskis – go enjoy your boat man, you deserve it. And by boat I mean ‘large floating vessel’… not Hellcat lol. For the rest of us – anyone wanna start taking bets on how long it’ll be before Dodge is Chinese-owned?

Kuniskis RAM

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