Import Alliance car show

Man – I had to cross the city of Atlanta during rush-hour last night . . . because I had to sell off my S13 shell in order to make rent this month. I didn’t want to . . . but I had to.

So I was really feeling stressed about the whole “strapped for cash” thing. And as I sat in traffic, I looked at all the people around me, scurrying home to their little safe places. Trying to get home before dark. And I felt sad for ‘em. They seemed like little critters, just surviving for their next meal (paycheck). Waking up to the same routine – day after day . . . and their life just going by. It’s like they’re all part of the human race, and they make our whole system work day in and day out . . . but ultimately, they don’t add anything to the human race. They live. They make ends meet. They reproduce. They continue to make ends meet. They live their lives just looking forward to their two days off each weekend. And then they die.
You ever had that feeling? If so – I just want to urge you to not give up on whatever it is you’re aiming for. Don’t fall in line. And don’t just live in the world – make your mark on it.

And then I thought about it some more, and figured: F**k me, wait a second. I’m stuck in this damn traffic too . . . and that guy over there’s probably thinking the same damn thing about me! So I guess we’ve all got our own stories after all. And I guess you can’t generalize what you don’t know anything about.