Tonight, we made it out to the red carpet premier of Drift Alliance’s brand new film, Stay Hungry. The DA guys did an awesome job with the movie, combining awesome drift action, adventures from their worldwide travels, and their crazy antics into a great mix.

The DA crew before the start of their film:

Myself and the rest of the DriftMechaniks crew showed up in full force and with proper bladed weaponry.

A quick glance at the screen during the start of the movie:

S3’s man of action and photographer, Brady Stribling, with his wife Jessica afterwards:

My opinions on the film:

And finally Jonathan after it was all done:

Awesome movie and evening overall (except for me taking my fully drifted out S14 to the movie and having to drive it home in pouring rain with no wipers or AC/defrost, but oh well). If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can pick up Stay Hungry at the DA Shop. Also, thanks to the Wrecked guys for hosting the event.