This Midori Green Honda EG Civic hatch was sent to us back in 2011. We never printed it. And I feel kinda bad about that now, because the car’s owner, Josh Queen, is a solid dude.

turbo F23 hatch

These are 11-year-old cell phone photos…

And I vaguely remember these exact photos being sent to me as samples. But I think at the time, we had just recently run a couple Midori Green Civic hatches back-to-back, and it just seemed a little too repetitive. Again… just going off a foggy memory here. But you gotta think – for a print magazine that only came out every few months & only had a certain number of slots… there was only so much we could do.

Midori civic

Plus in 2011…

Colorful Honda hatches were BOOMING across the board! It was all about k-swaps, or at least turbo B-series. Shaved bays & wire tucks. You could eat off these things! The Honda builds at that time had to be all JDM-spec’d out. JDM parts, JDM wheels, JDM freakin’ air fresheners lol… JDM everythang! That was the trend. And this particular hatch was more-or-less garage built with a EK frontend conversion, an ’01 Honda Accord F23 engine, and XXR wheels. A lot of the work on this car was done by Macs Speed Motorworks.

EG interior

And now – in a flash – it’s been 11 years.

Times have changed. That mean-muggin’ infant in the passenger ‘Recaro’ is Josh’s son. He’ll be 11 next month lol.

And while Josh sold this car yeeeeears ago, he’s recently been itching (badly) for a new project car finally. The good ol’ days are calling him back. Josh recently moved back to his hometown & tracked down his old car. …Shouldn’t have done that lol. Here it is now. 🙁 At least we can say that we aged better then the car, right??

project civic


car app


Midori green EG civic

1993 Honda Civic Hatchback DX  // 230whp / 230wtrq @6psi

1996 civic front end conversion

EK radiator support

Modified EG fenders

Shift Sports carbon fiber hood

Blue ion headlamps

Red/clear tail lamps

Thin side moldings

Megan Racing duckbill spoiler

turbo F23

2001 Honda Accord f23 engine

CX Racing turbocharger

ARP head studs

Skunk2 adj cam gear

Precision 1000cc injectors

Precision FMIC

Log style turbo manifold

Tial wastegate

Greddy RS BOV

Walbro 195 fuel pump

Civic non-vtec obd1 distributor

F22b intake manifold

1993 Honda accord DX transmission

Cx racing h22 lightened flywheel F1 Racing stage-3 clutch & CX Racing H22 lightened flywheel

1997 Honda accord shifter box

DA Integra OEM axles

Yonaka Motorsports engine mounts

Crome tuned ECU

Corbeau Forza2 racing seat

Blox Coilovers (drag spec)

Skunk2 front & rear camber kit

Bolt in rollcage

Integra rear disc brakes

Powerslot rotors with Hawk hp+ brake pads & steel brake lines

BWR billet lower control arms & rear subframe brace

15×8″ XXR 002 0-offset (front) 15×7 XXR 002 +38-offset (rear)

ACT clutch