Motor Trend Group/Discovery shut down the iconic Four Wheeler mag… and Jeepin Bubba wanted to talk/vent about that ’cause it punched him right in the gut. The roles were reversed a lil bit for this podcast… meaning that Mike & I didn’t know exactly what we were gonna be talking about. So hell, it quickly flowed into a conversation about media in general these days…. and whether or not ‘the current state of it’ is good for the health and/or strength of the automotive culture.

Jeepin Bubba runs an off-road/overland shop in Buford, GA called Black Bear Off-Road. He’s also a contributor to S3 Magazine, and does his own Youtube videos as well. Bubba organizes a lot of trail rides here in the N. GA area (for any experience level). He’s all about spreading the outdoor love, and getting people from all walks of life to experience the off-road side of car culture. Feel free to hit him up at info@blackbearoff-road for any questions, advice, mod-paths, etc. And… it doesn’t just have to be a Jeep either lol. Bring your Yotas, Broncos, Samurais, Subarus, whatever!

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