The Mating of Two Extremes.

1) The goofiest little car. 2) The hottest street bike motor.

…Both from the same manufacturer.

It’s a hot rodder’s ageless cocktail. A cars & coffee feeding frenzy. We’ve all talked about building something like this. We’ve all referenced it at the top of some wild-card wishlist (probably with a Smart car of EF). And if we won the lottery, it’s the kind of thing we’d park in front of our mansion… because new money.


Kitt Hock, the owner of this car, didn’t actually build this thing. He caught it for sale out in Texas, and impulsively boarded a plane to go scoop it up before anyone else could call dibs. And knowing Kitt, as I have for over a decade, here’s what’s gonna happen:

He’s going to drift it, track it, mountain-run it daily, and probably half-mile it. At which point, he’ll decide it’s not fast enough because it didn’t set a half-mile world record. So he’ll pull it in his shop (Vision Performance, Hiawassee GA), and throw a turbo or 2 on it. Probably scrap that plan in the middle & just single-turbo LS/2J-swap it. At which point, he’ll ravage the world, won’t have enough cash to pay off all the police departments, and/or inevitably get bored and/or find something else he needs more. At which point, he’ll sell this thing to one of us, so stay on your toes. And he’ll sell it for $5,000 more than he bought it for… claiming he made a sweet profit, thus justifying his next move of insanity. And if that all made sense to you, then you’re as sick as we are. 

The Deet’s

Gen2 Hayabusa engine

Dynojet Power commander

Custom titanium header and full titanium exhaust

1550lbs (with Kitt in it!)

Retains the 6 -speed Hayabusa trans, with upgraded clutch to handle the extra weight.  Chain-to-driveshaft adapter.

Uses a Corvette coupler for dampening

Enkei RPF1s in 15×8

Yokohama Advan tires – 205/50/15

stock brakes (because 1550lbs)

BC Racing coilovers

Sponsors:  @vandrakeracing @halfmilerecords

Thanks to: CrossFit 441 for the use of the gym


Text by Wooley   Photos by Kurtis Miller