lug nuts

No pictures. But me and Mike had to go do another eviction yesterday. This one was live too. And a damn nice home, with damn nice furniture. Guy wouldn’t leave his house… and he warned us that he was going to ‘defend his property’. See – at least in Georgia, home evictions are not a surprise to anyone. They knew it was coming for months. The banks here even offer ‘cash for keys’ which is kind of a last attempt to get the home owners out without us having to come dump their shit on the curb. They offered this family thousands of dollars to get a Uhaul… and get them set up at an apartment or whatever they need just to get back on their feet. Family refused it though… said they weren’t gonna leave. But yesterday, they learned that was not true. Me and Mike, along with 5 other guys and 3 sheriffs, put everything they own on the curb right in front of them. They tried to claim diplomatic immunity. If that was their secret wild card – it failed ’em in about the first second. And in Georgia, once the sheriffs are gone… anything on the curb is public property – free for the taking. It’s sad man. It’s sad to think that yesterday – they woke up in that house. And now – they will never see the inside of it again. Not to mention absolutely everything they own other than the clothes on their back – is now in trash bags (definitely not organized or labeled) in the front yard. And it was raining. Imagine – not even knowing where to begin to look for a clean pair of underwear… or you cell phone charger. Or the sentimental things that 8 strangers just handled and crammed in a bag, threw down the stairs, and tossed outside in front of your eyes. Not to mention trying to figure out where you’re gonna spend the night. When you’re there working – you have to act like you don’t care. But really – I care. In closing: If someone offers you the ‘cash for keys’ option – take it take it take it. And let’s get cracking and fix this industry/economy before me and Mike get shot real bad.