Make EVs small, make ‘em light, make ‘em interesting… and make ‘em make sense. That’s what the modern EV transition could/should look like… if we were being smart & fun & cool about it. But that’s not the way they’re packaging & selling this stuff to us, is it?

Look at how they market these things:

1) screen size, 2) range, 3) connectivity, and 4) safety features. That’s all they talk about… because it’s all they understand anymore. If you sliced-up the battery pack of just one Hummer EV… you’d probably have enough juice to power 5 little blast-to-drive commuter EVs. That would be a lot less strain on the earth… and isn’t that what this is all about? The answer is no. See if the EV movement was still really about being green, we’d be approaching it a lot differently. A lot less materialistically.

EVs have become a status symbol – point blank.

Drivers wouldn’t care so much about screen size, automatic hi-beams, adaptive cruise control, & autonomy… If they actually LOOKED FORWARD to driving the cars they owned. And maybe then – we wouldn’t need 2,000 chips for every EV. Maybe then – we could get these new vehicles priced less than a mortgage. And then EVs might start to become a justifiable, affordable solution. But c’mon – what kind of place would America be if we weren’t flexing 6+ year auto loans at $750+ per month to drive a pansy-ass forgettable SUV that will become obsolete as soon as its tech does?

This is a mess of our own creation…

Because we consume more & more & more. And then, we look for technology to be the savior of our overconsumption. Maybe it’s common sense & personal responsibility that we really need.

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