Legacy car manufactures have been in an all-out race to go EV, but have they all been racing for just 10% of the market? Have EVs hit a ceiling? This EV transition isn’t naturally consumer-driven. Instead, it’s largely government-forced. And therein lies the problem: You are forcing/squeezing people to buy something that many of them don’t want… at a price they can’t easily afford. For a product that in many ways, is less convenient & more restricted.

But having said that… IT SEEMS ABOUT 10% OF THE U.S. POPULATION ARE WILLING ‘EARLY EV ADOPTERS’. That means – about 10% of the people like the tech, they think it’s cool stuff, and they don’t mind paying more to be on the frontend of it. They’re also more patient with EV charging infrastructure, recalls, ownership hiccups, obsolescence, etc. And that’s all totally fine & good. BUT THERE SEEMS TO BE A CEILING AT ABOUT 10%… And it’s a ceiling that’s apparently caught legacy car manufacturers by surprise. They’re having a tough time breaking through the 10% barrier… as evidenced by EVs stacking up at dealerships. To read this full article, CLICK HERE. To watch the podcast, just click the YouTube vid below. All podcasts are also available on Spotify & Apple.

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