Man – we got to hang out on the set for Fast & Furious 5. They’re doing some filming here in Atlanta for the next few days, and somehow we got lucky and talked people into using our cars. Don’t know if they’ll ever make the movie, but just being around that atmosphere has been really cool. I’ve got an I NEVER NARC’D ON NOBODY sticker on my car. If it makes the movie – I win for life haha.

Edit: Now that it’s over, I realize that this was a really, really cool experience.  These guys with the F&F crew were way cooler to us than they needed to be… and definitely cooler than we expected them to be.  I didn’t sleep for three nights (they film all night), because I was engrossed in watching them film, and seeing how it all worked.  In the import scene, you get used to everybody in charge giving you attitudes, and telling you to GTFO.  It’s become standard; and we expect people to be pricks.  But here was Hollywood, and they welcomed us in to their project.