Text by Wooley   Photos by Jonathan Walker   Issue 43

S14 240sx

Do what you want, but be wise not to get toooo caught up in the scene.

That’s a little life-advice I’ve picked up along the way. Because ‘the scene’ will let you down. Everything that glitters ain’t always gold when you peel back the layers. And you just have to trust that some things, like the sun, are more enjoyable when you keep a little distance.

S14 drift

I get it.  

If you’re a passionate person, you go deep. You’re always looking for the X that marks the spot. You want to be at the core of it. The in-crowd.

Well – it’s not over there bruh… it’s inside of you already. So don’t be a moth banging yourself against a lightbulb thinking you’ve found something. Don’t build yourself a false matrix.

Because YOU are that light you’re looking for. And only YOU can control how intense that light is. SUBSCRIBE HERE

S14 LS

This is Kitt Hock’s S14. It’s a rocket, but it’s not rocket science… just a little hot-rod algebra: Take a proven lightweight chassis with mass functionality. Install a big motor with wide aftermarket support. Attach a big turbo with gobs of never-ending thrust. Route the exhaust someplace real obnoxious. Finally, keep modern automotive electronics to a minimum… and you’ll keep problems & headaches to a minimum as well.

S14 240sx boosted

What? It works.

…Works well enough to pull 180 in the half mile & still keep OEM body panels, interior, and A/C. Yeah so what, the motor locked up at a relight on the way home from this shoot. But that could have happened anywhere honestly. It was probably more of a gauge issue (not showing overheating) than a mechanical issue. …And then it ‘became’ a mechanical issue.

S14 240sx

What did I tell ya. Damn modern electronics rooting all the evil!

Ah well – better to happen in Midtown next to some Mexican restaurant at happy hour… than on an airstrip at 170mph. Sometimes you gotta eat the worm. 

S14 14

Working A/C

831 whp

LQ9 6-liter iron block with eagle crank & rods 8.7:1 compression

Diamond pistons

LS2 intake manifold

Custom turbo cam with good springs & pushrods

ATI balancer

ARP hardware

Holley fuel rails

92mm throttle body

140-amp alternator

GReddy overflow tank

Custom catch can

GReddy oil/air separator

Koyo radiator

Sanden A/C compressor with custom bracket

Custom built T56 transmission

Pro 5.0 shifter

McLeod twin-disc clutch

3.5-inch driveshaft

Garrett GTX4202R turbo

Turbosmart 45mm waste gates (x2)

Turbosmart blow off valve

GReddy intercooler

3-inch stainless exhaust with electronic cutout

Walbro 450lph fuel pump

-6 fuel line with inline filter

80lbs injectors

Aeromotive regulator

Innovate wideband & boost controller

Defi gauges – exhaust temp, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, MPH, tach, data logger

Autometer fuel gauge

Stance pro coilovers

subframe bushings

fully adjustable rear suspension

DIF billet differential bushings

Z32 front brakes with Powerslot rotors

Z32 rear brakes with Powerslot rotors

S14 3

S14 turbo LS

S14 15

S14 11

S14 16

S14 7