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As far as I’m concerned, the full-size Ford Bronco is the car of the year – hands down. Ford knocked it out of the park.

You know how it seems like vehicles these days are basically all the same & lack all sense of soul & charisma? Well that’s because it’s true. Most of them suck terribly. It’s not a figment of your imagination. Rather, new cars are about as exciting as waiting at the dentist’s office. 

But then Ford built the new full-size Bronco…

And when they did, Ford hit on every… single… tangible & intangible reason that cars speak to our soul and make us feel alive & refreshed & free. The vibes are so right with this one. It’s so good. As we drove this car around town, people asked questions about it, they took pictures in the parking lots. People turned their heads, honked their horns, waved, etc. It woke them up from the coma that crossovers have had us in for over a decade now.

Not only do I predict the Bronco will absolutely slay in the market…

I also think we could potentially be looking at the start of a renaissance period for functional, engaging, top-down TRUE sport utility vehicles. And… AND… I think the top-down, colorful, carefree & fun elements could even trickle-over to some other classes/segments of the auto market… like entry level sports car platforms, for example. Wouldn’t it be nice to see targa tops on affordable new sports cars again?? The new Bronco might just be the beginning of a movement. Yes – I think it’s that good. 

Basic transportation is just that… basic.

Toyota needs to get back in the game with a top-down FJ. Heck – I think Hyundai/Kia has a lot of momentum right now, perhaps they should take a true stab at something a little smaller, functional, & lively to create some identity in the brand… like a modern-day Tracker/Amigo. I believe that GM epically blew it with the Blazer, but at least there’s an opportunity to right the wrong by potentially doing something cool with the K5 nameplate. Nissan just played it way too safe & predictable with the new Pathfinder. And I feel like even Jeep is going to have to start planning the next generation Wrangler a little sooner than anticipated. 

The Bronco, stock-for-stock, is not gonna go as far as a Jeep off-road…

Sorry. But – there’s gotta be give & take, right? So what the Bronco gives to the Jeep off-road at the extremes, it’s going to take in general everyday drivability. The Bronco is a more effortless & more comfortable vehicle to drive on pavement, whereas the Jeep tends to meander around in its lane a little more with that solid front axle. Even off-road, the Bronco absorbs smaller obstacles more comfortably, and can do it with a little more speed. But when it comes to the more extreme end of the spectrum, the Jeep’s solid front axle will ultimately give it the advantage when the going gets really tough. 

BOTH the Jeep and the Bronco are the vehicle you want when you’re AT the beach, but the Bronco is probably the one you want to drive TO the beach if there’s interstates involved. Know what I mean?


And that’s why I think the Bronco is going to absolutely clean house…

The new Ford Bronco is like taking a Ford Explorer ST, and mating it with a Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner… and then mating whatever THAT is with a Jeep Wrangler. So – Bronco buyers are going to be coming over from ALL of those different segments. And it’s going to be a truly viable option for so many people out there! Like I said – the Bronco knocks it out of the park. 

cyber orange Bronco

As a Jeeper myself…

Friends love to heckle me about the new full- size Ford Bronco. “Ohhhh Jeep’s in trouble with this new Bronco huh??” (nudge-nudge). But I don’t necessarily think it’s Jeep who’s in the most trouble. There’s nothing wrong with competition. Jeep will only try harder as a result of the Bronco. Conversely, I think it’s everyone else who’s been selling generic/fake SUVs for most of the 21st century… that’s who could be blindsided & in trouble. And I’m here for it.

In summary – the full-size Ford Bronco is bonafide awesome…

It looks great, it feels great, and it hits the sweet spot. Our 2-door tester felt super maneuverable, like you can stick it anywhere. The wheelbase is short, yet it’s surprisingly not that wobbly. It turns on a dime… even less than a dime if you use the available little trail-turn assist feature. There is plenty of rear seat/leg room for passengers, it doesn’t feel cramped. In fact – it really feels pretty open when the hardtop panels are off. That’s in part because Bronco moved the roll bar further back/rearward in the vehicle compared to the Jeep Wrangler. 

The Bronco is an all-new vehicle… it might have some issues and/or recalls as they sort it out for the first few years. Be prepared. That’s just part of it when you’re diving into something big like this.

But ask yourself: Do you want car manufacturers to take some chances & make awesome stuff… and maybe have a few unforeseen issues now & then??

Or would you rather them just continue to make Ford Escapes & Toyota Camrys until the end of time.

You can’t have it both ways. And if you’re an enthusiast, you know the answer here. So remember – this Bronco is a real big deal in the automotive world. If it has any issues… any issues at all… ALL the automotive weenies who call themselves ‘journalists’ are gonna jump all over it dramatically. Why??? Because it will give them clicks. Meanwhile – it will create negative press that will begin to steer buyers away from taking a leap of faith on something they really want. Don’t let the weenies ruin the world. 

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