Ford kills the Fiesta globally. If that sounds like old news, it’s because they already killed it in America years ago. But now the death sentence has gone global – including Europe. Let me tell ya something: Here in America, the Fiesta ST is STILL probably the best bang-for-the-buck new-ish cars you can buy.

Am I just biased because I own one? Yeah… duh.

But dummy I own one because IT WAS THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK hot-hatch! And one of the most simplistic, elemental, punch-above-its-weight, FUN, PURE, ECONOMICAL new hot-hatches you could buy! A new car, who’s personality was all about golden-era hot-hatchin’. And it’s MPGs were higher than its price tag. 

Ford Fiesta

I think many new car shoppers would agree…

It would be REEEALLY nice right now… to have the option of affordable, fun, economical new vehicles. But Ford (and others) continue to kill them off at a buffalo pace – in favor of pursuing expensive, castrated, heavy, sensor-ridden, mineral hungry EVs that cause giant holes in the earth while calling themselves green. Because that’s the narrative. How many of y’all would like to see a new, boosted, 6-speed, simplified hot-hatch that gets 30+MPGs & costs $20,000? Because that’s what the Fiesta ST offered. How would more cars like that stimulate the aftermarket industry?

By the way – pricing is out on the new Honda Civic Type-R & it costs $44,000 before dealer markups. That $10,000 more than the FK8 Type-R just 5 years ago. In other words, about a 30% price increase over the previous model. 

Ford kills fiesta