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Just when I think Ford couldn’t possibly be any dumber, they go and do something like this… and TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!! The Ford Mustang GTD. A street-legal, dual-clutch TRANSAXLE Mustang with a completely bodacious 800+hp supercharged V8. That’s right – engine in the front & transmission in the rear… on a Mustang! Carbon fiber absolutely everywhere, active aero, carbon ceramic brakes, and body lines call-out the entire exotic civilized car nation, saying in no uncertain terms,

“Come fuck with us… I dare ya.” 

Mustang GTD

In an automotive world that keeps releasing EV-pod after EV-pod… 

THIS is what the sun looks like when it breaks over those sad clouds of communism lol. Seriously though: No hybrids, no “sustainability” circle-jerk parties, no enlightened bullshit… just raw American thunder. Breath it. I bet Tim Kuniskis at Dodge threw his computer at the wall this morning… as he fucking should. Because Ford – yes – the same guys who mutated the Mustang into a crossover EV… just flicked the entire automotive industry (included themselves) in the balls. I’ve said it before many times now, but when Ford gets out of their own damn way, they can do incredible things & challenge the world. The Mustang GTD is undeniable proof of that. 

Mustang GTD

The Mustang GTD is gonna be incredibly limited & incredibly expensive…

At least $300,000. But it’s not about that. The Mustang GTD is about laying it down on the rest of the automotive industry… in as time when we need it. And if Ratt just started playing in your head, then you’re my people. Go ‘head & click that Ratt link, and let it play while you scroll through the rest of these photos. 

Mustang GTD supercharged

Mustang GTD transaxle

Mustang GTD suspension

Mustang GTD carbon ceramic brakes

Mustang Dry Sump

Mustang GTD what is carbon fiber

American thunder

Mustang GTD widebody

Mustang GTD taillight panel


Mustang GTD rear wing

Mustang GTD

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