First off, you’ve seen the big XV tag along the Formula Drift name this season: this is FD’s 15th year since it’s inaugural season. That’s 15 hot years of sponsorships and vibrant liveries sliding across tracks around the nation. That’s hundreds of barrels of fuel burned at full throttle. It’s thousands of tires roasted across tracks. Most importantly, it’s millions of passionate fans around the world.  So what’s that mean for FD? It means it’s here to stay and looking forward to the next 15 years. Happy Quinceñera you wild millennial! 

Formula D, at its home track of Road Atlanta, engulfs you into this overwhelming experience that captures you with ever sense. You’re seeing these art built, drift nukes initiate tandem feet away, at 80mph. Melted rubber brushing curved lines smoother than a Bob Ross stroke. The scream of over 2000 horsepower hitting red line around the track ringing your ears and rumbling your heart from 100 yards away. The ballet of metal in motion seems so delicate yet chaotic. You’re left with a (Team) rowdy, roaring crowd and a monumental cloud of smoke with the taste of rubber. The sweet smell of leaded, high octane, race fuel makes your nose jump with satisfaction. As the smoke reaches you, you find yourself flooded with adrenaline. Your body just had all of its senses simulated by the on-track war and there’s no way to prepare yourself for the full 32 bracket elimination.

All I can say is… strap the f**k in.

ACT clutch