This topic is important, because it foreshadows what could soon be happening in America if we don’t start wising-up. Because similar to the United States government, the French government has been giving $5,000 incentives for customers to purchase a new electric vehicle over a gas-powered car. If EVs were truly a better choice, you wouldn’t need an incentive. But I digress. Because the problem in this case is: 

China has been leveraging the EV agenda to make a play on the global automotive industry… 

Chinese-made EVs have been infiltrating Europe in a Covid-type fashion. And French car-buyers have been using the $5,000 incentives to go out & buy these cheap Chinese EVs over the more expensive Europen models. In other words… the French government is giving incentives that essentially undermine their own automotive brands, workers, and families. And they’ve given China a wide-open lane. Obviously, that’s not what was intended, but when comes to the EV agenda, there’s been an overall trend of not thinking things through very well. 

electric cars

So now the French government is adjusting the rules of their EV incentives… 

With an asterisks concerning the level of clean & sustainable production methods in which the vehicles were made. Bascially, the EV’s production methods will now count toward’s the EVs overall carbon footprint… which is finally a shred of intelligent light on the whole EV thing. China has dirty production methods, so the new rules will take a lot of the Chinese EVs out of incentive contention. However, China has such cheap labor costs & working conditions, that even WITHOUT the incentives, these Chinese shitboxes are STILL substantially cheaper than the European-made options. Meaning, they’re here to stay. And that’s the moral of the story for America.

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