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Text: Wooley // Photos: Danny Tang

This is a story about Dylan Outlaw, and his K-swapped Integra Type R. As you can imagine, some Honda enthusiasts don’t like the idea of swapping a K-series into a Type R. Especially not one with only 60,000 miles. For some purists, a K-swap in a Type R is like finding out the cute girl you have a summer crush on… had a black guy for her last boyfriend. (crickets) Some people just get weird about it. But Dylan’s an Outlaw. It’s in his name… so he has no time for such thoughts. Instead – here’s what Dylan thinks about:


That time when he was running down I26 just outside of Columbia. Beautiful afternoon, on the way home from work… when a middle-aged guy in a red C5 Z06 creeps along-side of him – sweatin’ the Honda. Outlaws gives him a grin, but maintains his speed and composure. He knows the Vette doesn’t really want to do this. Oh – but the Vette does… he can’t help himself. The gentleman in the Vette braaps his engine up against redline a few times – 6,500 whopping rpms. He lunges the car forward, trying to engage the Honda. It’s like a big loveable, but gullible dog jumping around a cat. The cat is just sitting there, poised & still & perfectly calm… but you just know it’s on the verge of going completely ape-shit. Outlaw brings the pace down to about 40mph… all the while the big playful dog is still bouncing and barking – wanting someone to throw the stick. Outlaw finally picks the stick up, hits the horn 3 times – and lets it rip. All hell breaks loose! Outlaw pops into vtec instantaneously – because he had this staged & planned at just perfect gear/speed from the very beginning. He puts that exhaust right in the window of the Z06. At this point, it’s like tear-gas to the Corvette. The Type R’s exhaust in vtec is so loud & distinct, that the driver of the Corvette can’t hear his own car anymore. At this point, the Z06 knows that there has been a mistake. It’s like the two cars are speaking their own language through the exhaust… and the Honda is saying something like, “what’s my name bitch what’s my name.” And Outlaw keeps drilling it in – 6,000 7,000 8,000, 9,000rpm… never lifting, never shifting… just stunning & punishing the Z06. Then he shifts and the raping continues.


Outlaw put about 3 car-lengths on the Z06 that day. And then – the Vette started following him like a little puppy. He followed Outlaw off the interstate, and pulled next to him at the first light – with a giant grin on his face.


…And that’s why ‘performance’ will never go out of style. That’s why ‘driving skill’ will never go out of style. Fashion? Fashion will change. In the world of fashion, things will come and things will go with the seasons. One season it’s body kits & graphics, the next season it’s JDM, and the next season it’s stance & offset. People will always gossip & banter about fashion… because it’s all based on personal preference & individual style – meaning there is no right or wrong. And that’s a great thing, because it adds color and life. But performance – that’s a horse of a different color. Man made the first car. Then man made the second car. By the end of that day, I’d be willing to bet that they went out back and tried to race the first two cars to see which one was faster. And ever since that moment, performance & competition has been in the DNA of the automotive spirit. This man – Dylan Outlaw – puts his car on the track with regularity. He hits the auto-x whenever an opportunity comes up; he won the 2012 SCR SCCA auto-x championship. The car has been put to work… and the aftermarket parts on it actually have to perform to earn their elite reputation. This is not just another pretty modlist that gets overly pampered. And even after all the weekend abuse, he still drives it back & forth from work (with A/C), he still runs down Z06s for exercise, and he still hits up all the events/meets to get in on the shenanigans with the hardparkers & streetracers. I swear to God, I’ll pistol-whip the next guy who says ‘shenanigans’.


2000 Acura Integra Type-R

Engine/Transmission: K20z1 motor, K20a LSD, K-tuned fuel rail, K-tuned throttle cable, K-tuned shifter cables and bushings, K-tuned idler pulley, K-tuned coil cover, K-tuned TPS, K-tuned rad hoses, K-tuned billet shifter box, Type R valve cover, ASP intake shortened with k-tuned velocity stack and filter, Ported RBC intake manifold , Hondata manifold gasket, Hytec 4-2-1 header with 3” megaphone, Koyo full size radiator with 3 electric fans, A/C Kit, Hasport motor mounts, K-tuned fuel tuck kit, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and gauge, 3” Thermal exhaust with Magnaflow muffler, J’s Racing oil cap, J’s Racing rad cap, Spoon oil and trans drain plugs, Spoon coil cover pictured , Hondata Kpro – Tuned by Morris at Midnight ATL

Exterior: Factory FBP paint, UKDM clear corner lights (OEM), UKDM rear tail lights (OEM), Special Projects P1 splitter, J’s Racing “HONDA VERNO” window banner, J’s Racing “VERNO” door vinyl

Interior: JDM dc2R red Recaros, Nardi 350mm leather steering wheel w/ red stitching, Takata harness for driver’s side, Sparco harness bar , Miracle X-bar, K-tuned billet shifter box, OEM airbag delete, OEM radio delete, JDM console delete, Spoon shift knob, Spoon rear view mirror , J’s Racing spider mat

Wheels/Brakes/Suspension: 15×7 +42 Work RSZR, 225/45/15 Hankook Z214 R-compound, Project Kics R26 gunmetal lugnuts, Earls stainless brake lines, EBC Brakes – green stuff pads , Buddy Club N+ coilovers 12k/10k spring rates, OEM ITR lower control arms, sways bars, etc, True Hart camber kits


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