The Genesis Electrified GV70 made a real impression on me. And for those of you that know S3 Magazine & our EV rants… trust me, I was as surprised as you are. I don’t want to muddy the water & go off on broad EV tangents in this particular review, so I’ll keep this fair & focused specifically on the new Genesis Electrified GV70. 


To preface… 

I’m a pretty big fan of the internal-combustion GV70 with the 3.5-turbo. Actually – I’m a pretty big fan of every Genesis we’ve driven. The GV70 3.5T is a pretty impressive performance/driver’s crossover with slick exterior AND interior design presence. And the Electrified GV70 carries all the same appeal & accolades… but with an EV blueprint. So does that ruin the good thing it had going? Or make it even better?

electric GV70

Initially, I could feel the additional weight… 

Of the Electrified GV70 compared to the internal combustion GV70 3.5T. However, the circumstances where I felt the weight the most – was dropping off a speedbump/driveway, or crossing a railroad track for example. In other words… it was low-speed, weight-shifting, negligible stuff. Otherwise, the weight seems pretty well hidden with a low center of gravity, and it’s not really an anchor or burden during normal driving. In fact, it was the opposite: The Electrified GV70 feels very responsive & effortlessly quick. No pauses or breaks in acceleration. Just clean, quick, quiet responsiveness. And smooth, helpful regenerative braking. 

electric GV70GV70 brakes

I also appreciate that the Electrified GV70… 

Feels like a ‘normal’ vehicle in certain aspects. The steering has a realistic amount of physicality behind it. Genesis does an outstanding job of dialing things in to create a driver-conscious experience.

Additionally, the Genesis Electrified GV70 is not another flat-floor EV that feels like some sort of “cloud-meets-car” simulation. The E GV70 is not void of gauges, instrumentation, and consoles. And aside from the corny ‘Electrified’ name, the Electrified GV70 does not overly play-up to the EV stereotypes. It’s not sanctimonious, it doesn’t have a stick up its ass, and it doesn’t it doesn’t try to call itself something it’s not… like a Mustang. It’s also not not trying to force this sense of autonomy down the driver’s throat. As proven by…

GV70 interior

The Boost Button. 

The Boost Button is a neat party trick. Basically it goes like this: There is a button on the bottom of the steering wheel. When you press it, you get 10-seconds of full power! The throttle response becomes razor sharp, the seat bolsters tighten, the gauges shift color, and the whole car surges. Hit the ‘gas’, and you get ALL the juice. It’s a riot honestly. Kind of like when they use NOS in the first Fast & Furious. Monicaaaaa. 

GV70 interior

I found my preferred way to drive the Electrified GV70…

Was to keep the car in the more civilized Eco Mode, and then use the boost button when I wanted to get silly. Eco Mode dulls-out the throttle response a little bit, which sounds bad on paper, but honestly makes the Electrified GV70 drive more like an internal combustion vehicle (less frantic). Eco Mode + occasional boost button = a good recipe. Kind of like a Honda with vtec for those of you who can relate. Plus – you won’t slaughter your range. Speaking of range…

electric GV70

The Genesis Electrified GV70 showed about a 300-mile range on full charge…

And around town that seemed accurate, even though it’s only officially estimated at 236 miles. But – in a roadtrip type of situation where you’re holding consistent interstate speeds, that range dropped 2 miles for every 1 mile driven. Combine that with the fact that most superchargers urge you to only charge to 80% to prolong battery life/health, and well… you do the real-world math. Locally, the Electrified GV70 proved to be awesome. Get on the open road, and it can be done, but it’s likely not the best choice. 

GV70 lights

I live in the country where the common chargers are… 

Mopars lol. But at the Waffle House ChargePoint charger (only one in town), it cost me $20 & took 1 hour to charge the Genesis Electrified GV70 from about 40% to almost 100%… not counting the cost of the All-Star Special. It doesn’t take an Einstein to realize the real-world savings are kind of fictional… and the charging delays are very factual. However we did hit a faster/better Electrified America charger in a more populated area… and was able to run the Electrified GV70 up to 80% in about 15 minutes… for about $4. That’s much better. Now I know EV people will point out that you should upgrade your home charging, charge nightly at home, & you’ll rarely need to use a public charger. That’s true.

But to that point I would add… 

We’ve got to acknowledge that EVs work for some, but not for all. And that goes for both sides of the EV debate/divide. If you have a pretty routine & manageable commute in the city or suburbs, then an EV might work pretty well for you. But – if you work out of your vehicle, and/or have no idea how far you’ll end up driving when your day starts… maybe not. And there are a hundred other factors that play into it (like cost, depreciation, serviceability, etc). Which is why… YOU need to make the best choice for you. Not the government, or the EPA, or propaganda ad campaigns, or anybody else. 

electric GV70

After driving the Genesis Electrified GV70 for 8 days… 

After all the pros & cons, and some out-of-order chargers… and the charging apps I had to reluctantly download. I gotta say, the Electrified GV70 really grew on me. And that carries weight, because I didn’t step into it as a fan. But as a car enthusiast, I began to embrace the novelty & adventure of range anxiety. It’s kind of a game. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d personally choose this electric GV70 over pretty much any new gas car with a CVT transmission. As someone who loves to drive, I see it like this: If it’s not gonna have a manual transmission and/or be truly impactful & fulfilling… then it may as well only have 1 gear & not use fuel. 

But understand – that I have other options. I can revert to an old sports car if I want to really drive. I can take my Jeep if I want to explore or catch sun. And I have options for long-distance driving and/or hauling as well. So in that regard, the Electrified GV70 would be a welcomed gas-saving, family-friendly addition to my garage… with relatively no drawbacks for me. 

GV70 interior

Does the Genesis Electrified GV70 have limitations? 

Yeah. But a lot of cars have limitations. In fact – the best cars have limitations. Sacrifices must be made to drive a 2-seater sports car as well. I think a big part of the reason why so many new cars are indistinguishable & boring… is no one wants to make a sacrifices anymore. Ultimately – it’s up to you to decide if the sacrifices are worth making. 

electrified GV70 interior

At the end of the day, all preconceived notions aside

I really enjoyed driving the Genesis Electrified GV70. I was surprised that it won me over the way that it did. It was more interesting, exciting, and inspiring than most new crossovers I drive. And – I miss it being an option in my driveway honestly. 

Starting Price – $66,000 (good luck)
Range – 236 miles estimated. Topped-off around 300. 
Charging – 18-minutes rapid charging 10-80%
Horsepower – 429

electric GV70

electrified GV70

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