The Genesis G90 is truly a stunning luxury vehicle. Podium VIP, it boasts a confident styling independence that follows no one. In the current automotive landscape where most vehicles looks the same & unmemorable (if not down downright fugly), the G90 is something different. But dang – there’s so much more to this car that you DON’T see underneath that matte white paint & 21″ wheels. It’s easy to get lost in words with Genesis G90… so I’ll try to not do that, and keep this simple & concise. 

Genesis G90 VIP

It’s what’s on the inside that counts… 

The doors open & close electronically. All 4 seats massage their occupants. The rear seats recline & adjust in every way imaginable… and there are pillows incorporated into the rear headrests. On the passenger/rear, you also have an electronic footrest. Rear seat passengers get full control of the temperature, stereo, etc, through a display in the center console. 

There is a ‘mood curator’ that will set a mood for the car – whether you want to be calmed, revitalized, etc. Through the mood curator, the Genesis G90 will adjust all sensory aspects to fit that particular mood. Window shades will either go up or down, the Bang & Olufsen stereo plays cinematic compositions specific to that particular emotion. Ambient lighting adjusts itself appropriately. The air vents subtly add fragrances to either recharge, or calm the body. And depending on the mood you choose, the seats may begin a massaging sequence. 

Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 is no slouch… 

This car is equipped with the twin-turbo 3.5-liter and the optional e-supercharger that’s designed to add punch in the lower RPMs where one might normally experience boost lag. The G90 is all-wheel-drive, and has all-wheel-steering, the latter of which results in an impressively tight turning radius. When you hear words like turbocharged AND supercharged, you gotta wonder – how fast is it? Well if you’re accustomed to fast cars, the Genesis G90 might not totally blow your sock off. It’s not a sledgehammer like the Audi RS7 for example. But like I said, it’s no slouch either. The G90 delivers smooth & strong 409 horsepower. Keyword smooth. 

G90 3.5 twin turbo supercharged

The electronically controlled suspension…

Seems to adjust on demand & is impressively forgiving on impacts. Speed bumps & road imperfections… not even a thing. And man – the G90 cabin is quiet. With Active Noise Control, the Genesis G90 felt like an anechoic chamber. I mean essentially – that’s exactly what it is. Come to find out, the Genesis Active Noise Control uses a series of accelerometers and microphones and within 0.002 seconds counters road noise, ensuring a silent, peaceful retreat (I stole this last sentence from their website). The Genesis G90 feels completely peaceful… like a sanctuary. 

Genesis G90

I’ll break it off here… 

The Genesis G90 is honestly a car that you have to experience 1st person. Just seeing it in a parking spot… that’s not enough. Here’s a quick video showing some of the interior features.