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There is a screenshot from Fox News going around on social media. Its saying that Switzerland is moving to ban EVs. That seemed a little suspect… so we looked into it. Turns out – Switzerland government officials are considering a possible ban for nonessential electric vehicle use during the winter months. It also comes with the possibility of businesses having to close earlier to save energy, as well as limitations on streaming services & indoor heating (limited to 68-degrees Fahrenheit). Large sporting/entertainment events may also be have to be postponed.

The reason for this is largely because of the Russian conflict.

During the warmer months, Switzerland is apparently more self-reliant on energy (using hydropower). But in the winter months, they import more from Russia, and well, that’s all a bit less certain right now. Hence the possible limitation of energy-sucking devices & activities. 

So while Fox News embellished their title a bit…

There is a bigger truth we need to focus on, in my opinion. That is – when we as a society blindly & eagerly leg-hump all this connectivity technology in vehicles… this is exactly the kind of potential overreach we’re setting the stage for. 

With the pace at which vehicle-tech is progressing…

Cars are quickly becoming more electronic than machine. Better watch out though. Because they can be disabled over-the-air… and/or charging can be limited without the owner’s control. People are unknowingly giving up their freedom to travel freely, and there needs to be much more wisdom & forethought here. Without fail, there will always be the new crisis of the season. And once the precedent of limiting your travel is set, it will become increasingly routine & manipulated. That should be concerning… no matter where you get your news.

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