We are running a SPECIAL PROJECT (really special), and here’s how it goes: If you subscribe now, we will put a picture of your car in the next issue (issue 15). No joke; no catch; just trying to keep it real. All you’ve got to do is subscribe . . . and then click here to get the details on submitting your photo. Doesn’t matter if the car is perfect. Doesn’t even matter if it’s running. We just want to show people what you’ve got.


We’re also working with some advertisers, to get a few of ya’ll some free sh*t. The advertisers will pick cars at random from the mag, and hook them up. No promises on that part yet . . . because we’re still trying to figure out who is advertising, and who is willing to give up loot. But hopefully we’ll get some cool advertisers on board.

PS: Just so you guys know . . . we don’t don’t even make money from these subscriptions. Think about it: It costs roughly a buck for us to make each copy . . . and over a buck to mail it. You get 12 issues so do the math – we lose money on every subscription. But the hope – is that we can make the money back when advertisers see how rad and down-for-the-cause you guys are . . . and then they want to put an ad in the mag, because they want you guys to see them. Just thought you should know. This isn’t just a scheme to get your money. This is us asking for your support.

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