I’ve got a pretty good sniffer for bullsh!t, and boy I’m smellin’ a cow pasture…

Listen – this GM announcement is the 2nd waste-of-breath, green-nosing PR stunt we’ve seen from General Motors already in 2021. The first was their new princess revamped logo (not that the previous was ever good), and now this: All EV by 2035. Really?! 

Click here for the article in The Washington Post, where GM announces their transition to all-EV cars, SUVs, and light trucks by 2035. 

I hope you can see that this is all fluff – nothing more…

GM is sucking up to the new powers that be. They’re doing it for at least 2 obvious reasons. 1) Keeping that government GM vehicle fleet. And 2) So GM can be in the government’s good graces when they come looking for massive government subsidies in a few years… again. And GM WILL come looking for subsidies, because they will NEED it + more, if they ever have a hope in hell of accomplishing what they just announced.

See how these games work???

GM makes a big public announcement telling everyone how committed to the environment they are, they set a grandiose goal to impress fools, THEN they go to the government after a few years of no real progress, and get subsidies to try and reach the goal they said they would hit but never could. And they GET IT… because the government looks good if GM’s succeeds. Or they don’t get it, and point fingers for their failures & setbacks. 

It’s irritating, and it’s a reminder that hmmmm… GM didn’t go this route over a decade ago when they coulda/shoulda.

When gas prices spiked & the economy tanked in 2008, General Motors got bailed out because they were too big to fail. They apparently learned no hard lesson, because when gas prices & the economy stabilized, GM went right back to making yacht-sized trucks & SUVs while cutting smaller efficient cars from the lineup. GM & others watched Tesla create & define the EV market while they ate french fries. Now they come to the boardroom late & sweaty with ketchup on their tie… and talk about their commitment to the environment. I kinda don’t want to buy a car from that guy… which sucks, because GM currently makes some pretty cool cars. 

I want you to read this slowly & clearly, because this is coming straight from GM’s website::: “We are aggressively going after every aspect of what it takes to put everyone in an EV.”

Is that what you want??? Does it even matter??? Every time you make a purchase, you’re casting your vote on how you want this world to be. When you claim allegiance to a brand, think about what & who you’re supporting. Do they have a backbone? Are they as passionate as you are? What is their vision for the future? Do they deserve your purchase? For example – Tesla & Elon Musk are changing the world. Mopar is keeping it real AF. Both are intense & awesome, and both can coexist in the same garage. Like many things in life these days, ‘EV & internal combustion’ do not have to split us down the middle. It’s not EV versus internal combustion. This needs to evolve, not be forced. And it would be wise to continue to pursue both EV AND internal combustion technologies… to make each one better. Competition improves the breed, right? Taking care of our planet is admirable, it’s just that GM’s 100+ year history doesn’t support that. 

See Co-Owner/Director of Advertising for S3 Magazine, Mike Sanders, share his thoughts below!

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