To no one’s real surprise at this point, GM is turning the Corvette into ‘a brand’ (similar to Hummer or Buick). And to launch the new Corvette brand, GM will add an EV Corvette 4-door, and an EV Corvette Crossover to the mix… giving posers across the country a chance to buy the badge. It sounds like an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. 

When it comes down to it, enthusiasts don’t really care… 

If there are a couple more gimmicky crossovers littering the roads. That’s not what it’s about. However, this is what enthusiasts just can’t come to grips with: The automotive industry has lost every last ounce dignity, passion, self respect, and sense of True North. We’re no longer talking endangered; we’re talking extinct. 

corvette brand

Today’s General Motors will – without respect, honor, or hesitation…

Scavenge an emotion like the Corvette. An American sports car that has inspired people to dream for 70 years. A name that represents a passion for life, design, exhilaration, and freedom. A sports car so iconic that icons wrote songs about it. A cornerstone of American culture. And they will butcher it into an EV crossover at the drop of a hat just to show investors a good ‘Quarter 3’. I’m tired of this story. We’ve already told it with the Ford Mustang. But we’re not being thorough if we don’t point out that…

corvette culture

Today’s GM is not led by enthusiasts.

Through their own actions, GM leaders have proven to enthusiasts that they have little understanding or respect for the legacy that came before them. When they walk into the grand entrance of their office & see a vintage photo of a woman riding in a ’60 Corvette convertible with her hands catching the breeze… they don’t see life there. They don’t feel a sense of passion or energy. Rather, they see an opportunity to exploit the passion & energy that was alive in that office generations before them. And do it without a concern for their honor or legacy. That’s not leadership; it’s disgraceful. 

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