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GM issues a stop-sale on the new Chevy Blazer EV. Owners are experiencing problems from infotainment screen failures… to the vehicle not being able to take a charge whatsoever. Dealership service departments have little-to-no idea how to fix these EV-related issues. And thus GM has issued a stop-sale, until they themselves can figure out the root of the problems. FYI: The Chevy Blazer EV shares its chassis & tech with the new Honda Prologue… so be warned.

Edmunds recently bought a Chevy Blazer EV…

For one of their longterm test cars. An in just 2 months, it has already spent 2 weeks at the dealership, with a reported 23 fault codes. Edmunds said, “What we got back from the dealer was alarming: the single longest list of major faults we at Edmunds have ever seen on a new car.”

Blazer EV recall

Additionally, InsideEVs received a new Blazer EV to review for a week…

The infotainment went blank. And then the Blazer EV completely failed to take a charge and threw up the ‘return to dealer’ message. All within a week’s review period.

The photo below is from a Ford EV that failed to take a software update…

And it serves as a comedic-yet-irritating reminder, that just a few short years ago, we had affordable new cars that worked. Now we’re facing a market of severely overpriced new cars with massive-scale failures, recalls, stop-sales, & travel/range limitations even under the best of circumstances. The Blazer EV is not a bad looking crossover. But it coulda had a V8.

Additional source: The Verge

EV software update fail