So I got myself a new Sierra Denali.  I was happy.  Then I wasn’t…because I’m dumb and if it’s stock…then it’s gotta change.  So I rang up GM Performance and they sent over their new exhaust system for the Sierra 6.2.  It has truly transformed the truck!  Instead of just silently puttering around town…it signals it’s presence with a roar and rumble.  I.  LOVE.  IT.


The best part is that there is no drone!  GM provides a flash upgrade to the stock Bose system to help eliminate any unwanted drone in the cabin.  Couple that with the valved exhaust system it gives you a civilized note when you are just cruising but it opens the gates of hell when you get on it!

This system directly bolts on about 30 minutes and doesn’t void your factory warranty.  Check it out at:  GMC Accessories

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