If you read the post from a couple weeks ago… me and Cody were parting out his S14.  His plan is to sell enough in parts to put a good down-payment on a few year old 350Z… and then pay the rest off from a freelance job with another magazine.  Then put the STS turbos on it (yeah boi)!  The other part of that plan… is that I get his blown SR20 in return for helping him tear everything down.  The SR is going in my 87 Nissan S12… so I’m psyched.  Anyway – we figure no one else would really be working on the day after Christmas, so we said “screw it”, bailed on the office, and pulled the motor/tranny out of his S14.  My dad came by and helped us out.  I was ready for a lot of headaches, but honestly, it went pretty smoothly.  It’s nice when things work out like that… =)

Ok – well I wish we had pics.  But no pics.  You guys go do something with/to your cars this weekend – aight.

tire stickers