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Flyin’ Miata is axing their entire V8-swap catalogue. That means – no more V8-swapped Miatas will come out of the shop. No more turn-key cars for sale. And no more swap-kits for the DIYer. Why?? I’m glad you asked that. Here’s a statement directly from Flyin’ Miata that we swiped from Road & Track’s site. 

“While Flyin’ Miata has an extensive history of building LSx-converted Miatas from 2008-2018 and churning out some of the most exciting Miatas to grace streets, autocrosses, tracks, and hill climbs all over the world, we have discontinued our V-8 conversion service and are no longer offering turn-key builds or conversion parts for V-8 builds. With EMMISSIONS REGULATIONS becoming increasingly stringent and GOVERNMENT ENTITIES seemingly eager to slap big fines on businesses that sell ’emissions defeat devices’, we have made the difficult decision to lay our V-8 program to rest.”

Here’s the video below. Or if you’d rather read our short article… which essentially makes the same points but a little more eloquently lol, check it out here.

Flyin Miata