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Hawk announces the launch of ‘Talon’ rotors, which will be its proprietary street performance line of rotors and brake kits. “This exceptionally high quality line of rotors is a perfect match to the premium street pads Hawk customers have come to know and trust for braking performance and safety,” said Lisa Byall, Hawk Performance Director.

“Hawk has been researching and testing a broad range of rotor designs and engineering options for years, and Talon is the culmination of that work,” noted Bruce Berentz, Hawk Performance Product Manager. “Our team has worked with some of the best engineers in North America to incorporate unique product features and the highest quality standards.” Talon rotors are the optimal solution for drivers in any climate, on any road condition. Reverse engineered from the original OE standards, then reengineered to exceed and counteract any under-designed areas of those originals, they also feature design-engineered mass for the optimal heat sink during braking. 

“Where other manufacturers use electroplating to apply their coating, the Magni™ coating application process used on Talon allows for variable thicknesses,” explained Berentz. This custom application allows more coating to be applied on and around the interior veins and to the more porous center of the rotor’s core where rust grows fastest, helping to avoid premature failure.

Hawk Rotors

Cross-drilled and slotted Talon rotors feature Hawk’s proprietary “claw” slots arrayed in optimal positions to most fully maximize stopping power, prolong the effective life of both rotors and pads, and provide aggressive torque during “panic braking.”  The proven cross-drilled designs optimize thermal efficiency, dissipation, strength and improve wet braking to allow for precise braking.

“Because the number and positioning of the Talon slots is designed specific to each vehicle’s weight and center of gravity, these rotors grip using the optimal footprint of the brake pad,” said Berentz, “ultimately translating to greater safety and sense of security when a driver is on the road in real world situations.”

At introduction, rotors for more than 16,000 different vehicles are available, with more planned for release in coming months. New kit product listings are available to fit more than 3,000 vehicles, with Hawk’s HPS 5.0, HPS, LTS, and Performance Ceramic performance street brake pads, and offered in both cross-drilled and slotted and slotted-only rotor options. 

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