I’ll level with you. Instagram’s not my favorite thing, although I am having fun with Reels & Stories recently lol. But overall, I barely know how to check messages… and I barely care. I just don’t like the fact that you can follow somebody & they don’t follow you back. WTF’s that about huh… just sending humanity further in the wrong direction. Yeah but then I found a photos of this Z10 Toyota Soarer. 

kai do Z10 Soarer

I was on IG flipping around & pressing things…

When the all-knowing algorithm gods introduced me to this dude. 

IG: @r.soarer

From: Fukuoka, Japan

Car: Z10 1st generation Toyota Soarer (81-85)

Z10 Soarer

Now look – I took 2 full years of Japanese in college…

So in other words, I was prepared to make a proper introduction. Sike – I know nothing because I partied it all out of my brain the night after the final exam. So basically unless I need to ask this dude ‘What time is it?’ I’m pretty much coming up short lol.

Toyota Soarer

But as luck & car-culture would have it…

@r.soarer knew a little bit of American. English whatever. So with some broken English & a lot of emojis… we persevered. Here are photos of his Kaido Z10 Toyota Soarer just before & and fresh out of paint. Dang we need more of this in our American styling! 

Toyota Soarer

Muteki lug nuts