What really appeals to me about the Honda Accord Hybrid is it’s subtlety. That’s where the Accord Hybrid stands out & apart. 

And don’t get me wrong… the Accord Hybrid is anything but generic. It’s a striking vehicle throughout. But it’s luxurious without being boisterous, attention-starved, or arrogant. It’s innovative, progressive, & responsible… without constantly gloating about it. The newest Accord Hybrid is more, in every way, then you’d expect it to be. 

My dad always says, “If you want somebody’s attention… whisper.” 

Well that’s what the Honda Accord Hybrid does. And that’s kind of where Honda’s always been exceptional, isn’t it? 

The new Honda Accord chassis is more spacious than you’d think. The rear legroom is extravagant. Inside, it’s got everything you want for a comfortable trip. The hybrid is not necessarily thrilling to drive, but it is very pleasant to drive. I could maybe… maaaaybe feel the weight-transfer of the electric batteries & engine. But I never lacked for acceleration in this car. And the Accord Hybrid had my mom quietly questioning her Lexus ES purchase. Especially when she looked at the gauges & saw that 46 mile-per-gallon average. …Combined with the price tag. 

Right now – I feel that we’re really breaking through the next barrier with hybrid technology. Because for me, hybrids always used to be an issue of deferred cost, right? You save money at the pump today… but only to lose it later to quick depreciation and/or the cost of dual-power maintenance. It wasn’t worth it. 

But I think in 2018 – that argument is becoming somewhat obsolete. As the older technology plays out… AND as the new technology progresses by leaps & bounds, were going to see…. 

1)  Better aftermarket support & pricing for replacement parts. 

2)  More longevity & lower cost from the new stuff. 

A few years ago, my inclination would have been to pass on the more complicated hybrids if efficiency was what you were after… and just buy a simple gas-powered vehicle with a solid, economical engine. 

Today? I say hell – if hybrids intrigue you, go for it! It’s hard to close the door on 45-55 miles-per-gallon in a vehicle as spacious, well-equipped, and trustworthy as the Accord. 

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