I’m hung-up on a quote from Honda’s CEO, Toshihiro Mibe. He was mentioning that while Honda is transitioning over to EVs, he still thinks that enthusiast cars & work-horse heavier-duty vehicles will be internal combustion for quite a long time to come. And somewhere in there Mibe honestly admitted,

“I’ve been in the engine development business for more than 30 years so personally it’s a little threatening (moving towards EVs).”

Honda CEO

And I’ve been hanging on that word ‘threatening’

Because see – it’s one thing to be outside of your comfort zone during a transition. But it’s another thing entirely to be leading your company, and simultaneously co-leading an industry, down the wrong path. And to have deep-rooted concerns about it… but be pressured (aka silenced) into submission & cooperation. I can read between the lines & see that some of these automotive CEOs are seeing glaring red flags about a premature full-scale switch to EV. I can tell, for instance, that Toshihiro Mibe wants to say more. But virtue signaling is pushing them forward nonetheless… despite what they know. That gets real dangerous. And as we’ve seen throughout history, following the herd mentality for fear of speaking out – can have disastrous effects. 

CRV race car

So who’s steering the automotive industry ship right now?

You ever notice that the people propelling this ‘EVs are the future’ chant, are the same people who will gain the most from EVs being the future? I just don’t think that’s a coincidence. And have you noticed how they’ve used their money & social power to chant ‘zero-emission’ & ‘sustainable’ until the masses just start reciting it back without question or investigation. It’s imperative that the true leaders in this industry be leaders right now. And that they have the courage to trust their gut & speak their mind. People will listen; there is still a market for truth & honesty. Problem is: I think a lot of auto manufacturers have the wrong people in the top seats. 

Honda engine

When it comes to Toshihiro Mibe’s resume…

This man has been with Honda for over 35 years. He is an engine expert! Mibe was R&Ding Honda engines though the absolute golden era of Honda engines! And now he’s the CEO of Honda. I want to know what this man REALLY THINKS. Not this teleprompter fluff about sustainability & zero-emmissions. HE is the CEO. HE is the one with a career’s worth of wisdom & understanding. And the automotive industry is better off when someone like Mibe is free take the duct tape off his mouth & speak candidly. I don’t want the car that Honda was forced to make. I want the car that Honda wants to make.

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