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You know what I love about OG Honda culture?? Absolutely everything. And I think I always will. There are just some things that are everlasting & pure about car culture. And a lot of those things can be found, hidden in plain sight, in an old Honda hatch… if you’re looking. 

1. It’s way too easy for car culture to get materialistic

Especially in this digital landscape of hashtags and constant self-promotion. Let’s be honest here… a lot of times what we call ‘car culture’ is largely a pay-to-play game with lots of social media peacocking. I don’t dig it. But these Honda hatches often cut through that materialistic fat on the surface. And that’s in large part because – building a wild Honda isn’t status based… it’s sensory based. It’s just… fun. The OG Honda scene isn’t isn’t about cars that look expensive, it’s about cars that look meeeean. It’s about winding out VTEC until your eyes buzz in their sockets. It’s about stout stances on clean, timeless body lines. And engines that look like they were nestled into the car by God himself. Which kind of goes to my 2nd point…

turbo B18

2. The OG Honda scene is proud…

Not prideful, but proud… there’s a difference. This is a healthy (versus destructive) type of pride that comes from seeing it through, from dedication, and from perseverance. A pride in what you represent & what you’ve accomplished. The energizing surge from teamwork when you & your buddies actually pull it off. And the thrill of forever being the underdog hatchback… on the hunt. OG Honda builders are by definition, true authentic hot-rodders. ALSO…

clean EG Civic

3. Honda builders are approachable

You can walk up to the roughest, toughest-looking dude filling up his Honda at a gas station. Ask him about his car, and he’ll light up like a kid on Christmas.

EG Civic TE37

4. Honda guys don’t jump ship…

Speaking in terms of ‘The Honda Nation’… these people didn’t trade their Si/GSR in for an Evo, or WRX back in the early 2000-era when boost & AWD brought clout on the forums. And – they didn’t flip to build a RWD/drift car when all that stuff hit the main-stage either. They just kept plugging away. The Honda scene isn’t fueled by a societal pressure to ‘level up’ to higher-end brands & badges. They don’t care; cars aren’t status symbols for these people. They’ve found a certain level of contentment that the level-uppers will probably be chasing in vein for the rest of their lives. I’ve never liked that condescending mentality that ‘people grow out of Hondas’. It’s just isn’t true. And that falls to my next observation…

Boosted B18 Civic

5. The Honda Culture is forever reinventing…

The Honda culture has broken through every barrier that’s even been in its path. And it’s a testament to the strength of the Honda community. Together – the Honda culture has figured out motor swaps, wiring, mounts, axles, forced induction, and even all-wheel-drive conversions. You can look at the street, a drag strip, or a road course on any given weekend… and there will probably be some golden-era Honda driving right up the ass of whatever the baddest new car on the market is. Not to mention, somehow these little hatches just keep looking better & better with age. Proving that performance never goes out of style, and simplicity is timeless. 

sleepy built

6. Lastly – since I just said the word ‘timeless’...

We’re living in a time where right now where drivers are getting more & more removed from driving. And most of modern America welcomes that with open wimpy arms. A lot of people see driving as a task or an inconvenience. Teenagers don’t rush to get their license anymore, yet they stand in lines to get the new-model phones.


But on the opposite end of that spectrum, everything about Honda culture is visceral. It’s loud, it’s angry, it’s expressive, it’s connected to THE DRIVER… not to bluetooth, backup-cameras, and Progressive’s ‘Snapshot’ little tattle-tale monitors. These are cars that require both hands to drive. They take a certain level of know-how, & commitment. They’re fast & you drive ‘em hard. In a world of virtual… this is the real thing.

EG Civic 16x8 +25

This is Carlo Uribe’s 1992 B18 Honda Civic CX…

He purchased it as a shell for $500, and it started out as a budget-build… as most projects do. Carlo Uribe would source used parts from friends & Facebook, and then spend time cleaning them up & making it work. It took about a year to get the car on the road. And once it was together & sorted, he took it to a few shows. One of them was the Hotwheels Legends Tour. Somehow, he ended up winning… and thaaaaat meant he got a chance to showcase his car at SEMA! The golden ticket!!

SEMA was a dream come true, so Carlo absolutely had to do it up…

He had 6-weeks until The SEMA Show in Vegas… the show of all shows. Soooo being super motivated & amped, he decided to completely rebuild the car. Carlo stripped it down to nothing, sandblasted the entire chassis, and repainted it. He sourced new parts this time, a new attitude, boost, and no cut corners. 

Neither one of us knew it, but this is actually where our paths first crossed. I remember this car from SEMA 2019 pretty vividly. That’s because – it’s been yeeeeears since these type of badass hatches really represented at SEMA for the Honda culture. And there this car was, sitting by one of the main entrances, flexing its little hatchy ass off lol. 

Then – our paths crossed again about 8 months later…

When I did a Downtime with Downstar podcast with Frank Garcia. 

Carlo messaged me on Facebook & said, “Hey what’s up brotha! I was listening to Franks podcast with you as a guest! I love the attitude and vibe you brought to the show! That being said… I wanted my shot at being featured one day. ;)”

I put 2-and-2 together, realized Carlo was the dude with the mean Civic from SEMA, Patrick Lauder was rad enough to shoot it for us… and here we are!

Text by Wooley     Photos by Patrick Lauder


B18c1 block 

Golden Eagle cylinder sleeves

Weisco 84.5mm pistons 10.5:1 compression 

Eagle rods

ATI race damper

GSR head & cams

Supertech valvetrain

Golden eagle cam gears

Edelbrock intake manifold

Skunk2 74mm throttle body

Golden eagle fuel rail 

Injector Dynamics 1700cc injectors

Speed factory coil-on-plug kit

Full Race twin scroll top mount manifold

Precision 6266 turbo 

Tial 44mm wastegates

SheepeyRace up pipe & back door intercooler

Hondata s300 v3 & COP

Speedfactory drag tuck radiator & 4-port boost solenoid 

JDM GSR transmission 

M Factory LSD

Drive Shaft Shop 1000hp axles

lowered JDM EG Civic



Volk TE37 Sonics in 16×8 +25 

215/45 Falken RT660 

Wilwood 4-pot big brake kit

EBC rotors & pads

Function Form type 2 coilovers 

Skunk2 front & rear camber kit, and rear toe kit

Energy Suspension bushings all around

F7 lower control arms

ASR subframe brace

ITR rear trailing arms

Chargespeed EG Civic fenders


Chargespeed front lip & fenders

VIS carbon trunk 

Livesports wing

Checkerd Sports prototype diffuser 

Phantom composites carbon air ducts

Denji projector headlights

Trimmed rear bumper 

Custom tail lights 

Custom PPG Candy Apple Red Painted by Freddy at Hollister Powersports Custom Paint & Body


S2000 cluster

Checkerd Sports boss hub, floor plates, & ECU mount

Nsidius Industries window cranks, shift knob, & shifter extension 

Cusco chrome-dipped 6-point roll cage

Bennen Industries b-pillar bar

Circuit Hero shifter plate

Custom suede door panels

Miracle X bar

Dogfight rear strut bar

Plm seat plates

Cactus carbon-back diamond stitched seats

AEM wideband 

Crowe 5-point seat harnesses


Megan Uribe, my wife & biggest fan! Devin Hui from SpeedElement Performance. Ignacio Magaña from @bestpowdercoatshop. Rey Sotelo & Freddy at Hollister Powersports. All the guys from Team Insidious. Gary Bains from Bains Tuning. Ngoc Nguyen at Concept Auto. And the entire Honda culture!

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