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Oh great it’s another cheesy love story… blah. Let me set the stage: Kelvin got his first real six-string, bought it at the five & dime. And Erica, she was just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. You get the picture right? High school sweethearts, high hopes, small town, hard workers, livin’ on a prayer, without a whole lot of time to travel & see the world. A decade goes by in a flash. Finally, they make plans to tie the knot. Everyone cheers. But what’s that got to do with an old Chevy C10? I’m getting to it. 

lowered C10

C10 burnout

Erica loves that Kelvin loves cars…

She loves them too. They’re from a small town just far enough outside of Atlanta to still be a ‘small town’. But Atlanta’s eating everything, so it’s almost like their younger-year pace of life is being stripped from them. Everyday it seems like another red-light and/or speed camera pops up. Or they have to cover the shift of another employee that didn’t show up to work. The pace of the world is changing. Becoming more automated & rushed. But marriage is a commitment that doesn’t change. However, couples tend to do cringy crap planning a wedding ceremony. You know what I’m talking about: Weird little surprises that end up being equal parts awkward & humorous for guests. 

slammed single cab

Kelvin & Erica decided to bypass all that nonsense… 

They decided to build an old truck, and instead made that the backdrop of a beautiful/simple/Southern wedding. A 1970 Chevy C10 was the platform of choice. Plus, a lot of their guest list was rooted in car culture, so it just seemed like an appropriate & memorable move. 

Porterbuilt C10

Kelvin & his groomsmen can build a car blindfolded…

So that part was covered. And while Erica also knows her way around an engine better than most boys, she does vinyl & screen printing as a side gig/hobby. So she’s also got a decorative/designer’s/photogenic touch for things like invitations, place settings, decor, etc. A lot can be done with a simple, soulful, timeless approach. 

1970 chevy truck

And speaking of soulful & timeless 

Old trucks say a lot. They have an earned (not phone-filtered) substance & texture about them. They’re weathered, they’ve survived… and they tell us stories about past traditions in a way that we can see, smell, & touch. 

1970 C10

A lot like a marriage actually, when you see an old truck… 

You know that somebody fought for it. It mattered enough to NOT take the path of least resistance. But rather, put in the effort, commit to it, and keep it firing. When you see an old truck on the road, you know that to someone, it was worth saving. And honestly, an old truck encapsulates some of the best American traits & qualities: respect, honor, care, perseverance, resourcefulness, grit, determination, simplicity, and humility. You know… good-guy stuff. 

lowered Chevy C10

LS Chevy C10

1970 C10

So as I’ve mentioned thrice now…

Kelvin & Erica decided to build this old Chevy as a metaphorical representation of their marriage commitment. But the truck’s story doesn’t end there. Because this C10 isn’t just an old/idle token in the yard. The truck not only illustrates a commitment, but also a journey. Not only the past… but the future. So what better way, than to TAKE IT on an actual journey. Their honeymoon in fact. 

LS swapped C10

patina truck

Kelvin & Erica’s honeymoon was a multi-week, cross-country adventure… and it all centered around this Chevy C10. 

A half-century-old Chevy, setting out to see the West Coast. Luggage in the back… open road ahead. This truck is a 4D/living representation of something that has withstood the challenges of time… yet still sees the future as an adventure around every bend. It’s a metaphor that – whatever may lie on the road ahead, Kelvin & Erica are in it together… because they’re on the same journey. 

airlift C10

1970 C10 basics

5.3 LS swap

Porterbuilt level 3 suspension setup (front & rear)

Airlift 3H management

Raceline wheels – 24×12 (rear), & 22×9 (front)

Custom interior by 626 Upholstery

lowered C10

LS swapped C10

Chevy 24s

airlift C10


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