Houston’s Cars and Coffee has implemented a temporary ban on Mustangs, Chargers, and Camaros. And to be honest… I get it. Not saying I like it, but as someone who has organized events before… I. GET. IT. As the saying goes… 

“The actions of the few, affect the many.”

But to play devil’s advocate, there’s another saying: “You can’t judge the many by the actions of the few”. It’s a contradiction where both arguments hold weight. But at the end of the day, the simple black & white fact remains: All it takes is one jackass to ruin a good time for everyone. As previously mentioned, I’ve had to deal with it firsthand at my own events. And it’s easy to make judgements on your keyboard from the sidelines. But it’s a different situation when you’re the invested event organizer. A typical rebuttal:

photos from a SANCTIONED event lol

“It’s a public parking lot, I can do what I want when I want,” 

Actually no… you can’t. When an official event is being held (such as Cars and Coffee), there are permits, contracts, and all kinds of other factors involved. Therefore, the behavior is expected to be respectful… like your parents (should’ve) taught you. However, in this world of social media clout & self satisfaction, respectful behavior easily gets thrown by the wayside. Especially when you get young ego-driven jackasses in certain types of vehicles.

Frankly, it jeopardizes car culture… 

In short, this type of behavior, this do what I want’ nonsense, is an attack on our culture… an attack from within. And this culture is already fighting too many outside battles these days. We’re being attacked by ill informed environmentalists, the EPA, and other such global government bodies & organizations. Showing up to meets and events and acting out where it’s not sanctioned, is adding unneeded fuel to the already raging metaphorical fire that we’re trying to fight. Don’t give ‘em the ammunition. And don’t let them add ‘public safety’ to the ever-growing list of their stupid arguments. In other words – take that sh¡t somewhere else. Now with that being said… 

gen 5 Camaro SS

I fully ‘get it’.

We all know why we build these cars. And peer pressure can be a mind-fogging b¡tch sometimes. But being a hot-rodder requires a little bit of charm, discretion, and ability to ‘read the room’. It’s not all anarchy all the time. So learn where that line is FFS. Because the more that attendees pull out their phones, record the chaos/carnage, and share it to the world… the less events we’ll have in the near future. Cars don’t kill events; people kill events.

mustang 5.0


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