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Did you know – that the Hummer EV can easily cost $80 to charge? Yep that’s right. Car & Driver did a charge test on the Hummer EV. They took it to an Electrify America charging station in Michigan and charged the vehicle from 10%-90%… typical of a normal real-world charging situation. It cost $81. Doing the calculations, that would be over $100 for a full charge. For an estimated 329 miles of range.

But that’s not all… 

It took almost 2 hours to charge the Hummer EV. 1 hour and 49 minutes to be exact (according to Car & Driver). Again, this is at a public Electrify America charging station… where 1 Hummer EV occupied that charger for almost 2 hours. The Hummer EV boasts a 287kw peak charge rate on paper. But that’s just it… a ‘peak’ charge rate. Kind of like ‘peak’ internet speed. The real-world average was just under 100kw. 

charging costs

Charging costs will only go up…

What do you think’s going to happen if/when the majority of vehicles on the road are EV? When the transition of greed, wealth, and power has moved laterally from oil… to electric. Do you think those charging costs will stay low? If so, you’re more gullible than I look. To call this ‘progress’ is foolish at best. Or worse… it’s deceptively preying on the foolish.

The Hummer EV is a 9,000lb, 1000hp electric monstrosity that costs $80 to charge on a public fast charger. Now to be fair, all EVs aren’t built with this over-the-top mindset. But – lavish is a trending movement with EVs. Which results in more weight, more battery, and more resources. There seems to be a loss of direction from the proposed goal of being green, earth conscious, & carbon neutral. So what is this about really? Keep asking that.

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