Project Mu

Hory shet! This is the production Hyundai Ioniq 6, and it looks good!! Damn good actually!!

We’ve don’t have all the specs & specifics on the Hyundai Ioniq 6 yet. But c’mon it’s an EV… what specs do you really need when everything’s the same & numb? My guess is that Hyundai will offer a standard-power version & a higher-power version (single motor vs AWD dual motor). And a standard-range or extended-range battery. They’ll be at least two dazzling screens you can leave all your fingerprints on. Phones will sync with it. It’ll have blind spot monitors, gizmos, and things that beep at you. And it won’t leak oil on the driveway. What more could EV buyers ask for?

cyber car

Our guess is that Hyundai will say it’s going to be affordable, but by the time it actually comes out it’ll be less affordable than they said… but still more affordable (& more available) than a lot of the competition. I’m telling you… don’t be surprised when Hyundai/Kia take over this EV revolution.

future EV

And even though the Hyundai Ioniq 6 looks like an egg (which we say about most cars/EVs these days)… the Ioniq 6 looks like a cool, futuristic, cyber egg. It looks like whoever designed this… actually tried & cared & likes cars. It feels more like what the future felt like it was going to be. This direction excites me a little more.