If you’re gonna make EVs & try to call them green and/or zero-emission, this is the way to do it… Mini! Mini Cooper says they’re releasing 2 new EVs in 2023. Bad news is they’re made in China… but you should probably just go ahead & get used to that if you like EVs. If you don’t want a Chinese-made Mini, buy an internal combustion Mini… they’re still made in Oxford, England. Not sure at this time if both new Mini EVs will make it to the American market in 2023. But the point here is definitely global in concept… 

Smaller EVs tend to take less battery resources. And less rare-earth resources taken, is better for the planet by all accounts. I know EV activists tend to not be auto enthusiasts by any stretch. But c’mon. It takes more power to move more weight & size. That’s common sense we can all understand. 

So if you wanna do more with less’ & therefore be better for the planet’ EVs (if we’re gonna full-on go that route) need to be as small & light as possible. Legacy car manufacturers almost immediately lost touch with that… when ‘electrified’ became the new marketing ploy. And that’s the problem isn’t it? Americans don’t actually want to buy small cars. And most Americans don’t care if they’re truly green either. They just want to be fashionably green… or politically green. Aka: Trendy. But there’s nothing green about a 7,000lb Rivian or a 9000lb Hummer – know that. 

PS: The women of autumn of 1990 called, they want their orange pants back.

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