For those of you guys that went, what did you think? Be honest: what was your favorite part of it all? What else would you like to see happen for next year? I promise the guys from IA will be on here, so if you comment, make it honest, and make it count. Personally – I thought it was the best f**king turnout, meet, and crowd I’ve seen in years. Reminded me of Nopi Nats back in the late 90s… so much pride and energy there. Everyone wanted to brag about how far they all drove to make the trip. Great time! This is exactly what this scene needed to see… let’s keep turning this sh*t around. For me – the best part was watching the mobs of people pouring in from the tunnel… even after the infield had filled up. Nashville Speedway was absolutely overrun; and it was awesome. Another favorite: watching the late night street racing go down on the interstate from our hotel balcony.