Over the weekend, Wooley, Mike and myself made our annual pilgrimage to Atlanta Motor Speedway for another Import Alliance event. Historically, we have attended many of these events through the years – and they seem to get better and better. If you don’t know, Import Alliance is a series of shows that tours all over, bringing the best of import cars to one place. Depending on location, there’s racing, drifting and so much more. It’s one of the events that myself, personally, I look forward to each time. There’s just something special about Import Alliance.

This year, we brought back our camo themed tent and got to meet so many awesome people, as well as some old faces! Thanks to everyone that stopped by to buy a hat, download our app or just to hang out with us. And shoutout to Jake at VSW Printing for getting us a new table runner & stands – they looked KILLER! We actually recently featured Jake’s Dr. Pepper liveried Civic – which you should check out after this article!

And now, enjoy this gallery from the weekend:

Pair Of FRS's

Showcase was PACKED with good stuff – as always.

Caleb's RX-7

Everyone, say hi to our friend Caleb and his INSANE swapped FD! Hope to see you at Riverside!

EK Civic Sedan

EK sedans are of course, close to my heart. I am building an off-road one, after all…

Slammed Cima

One of the cleanest Cima’s I have ever seen. Pretty sure it might be up for sale, too.

Bagged Ridgeline

Bagged Ridgeline??? Thumbs up – this officially does not suck. Wild to see in person.

Green K Swap Civic

Well well – look who it is!!!

S3 Mag Sticker

Showing that support!!! We appreciate it!

Ken's Blue Civic & CTR Killboy

Couple ‘Killbros’ found their way down south – gotta love the meaty setups!

Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

Gloria Gran Turismo… This was a new one for me. Y32 9th gen, custom suspension and a turbocharged 300ZX engine. Approved!

Crosson's XB

Some of the coolest toasters on the planet right here! Real & Rare Parts>

Pair of S2000's

Two different flavors of nacho cheese S2K’s here. Boosted, too!

Liberty Walk 458

This Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 showed up and everyone just COVERED it immediately. Kinda crazy to see.

EG Civic Kart

This EG Kart wins ‘most creative’ in my book. 300HP turbo B and 1,900lbs??? Yeah, it’s quick.

Widebody S2000 Turbo

I will never get tired of this widebody kit.


Drift Car Maintenance

IA ATL has drifting! Such a unique environment! The following photos are courtesy of my good friend, Nathan Knapp – a very talented media producer. Thanks again for the last minute photos!



Scott's Drift Car

Ohai, Scott!

Lexus Drift Car

4 doors were slid all over the place!

Smoky Drift

You could literally smell the tire smoke across the entire venue.

Taxi Garage Crazy Kart

Along the lines of drifting, Taxi Garage brought out their Crazy Karts and everyone got to go have sideways fun!

R32 Skyline & Scooters

This is absolutely someone’s dream garage lineup right here!


IA Infield Show Parking

I won’t lie – I definitely forgot to actually go down into the infield this go around. Sorry about that, everyone. There were some unique builds!

Import Alliance Supercharged Accord & Aristo

My friends do have some of the coolest cars though – legitimately. Supercharged accord and a WILD Aristo.

Sinh's Supercharged 350Z BRE

Speaking of supercharged – here is Sinh’s BRE Supercharged 350Z which was a cover car of ours years ago. Always good to see him and the car.

Acura NSX Supercharged K Swap

This, personally, was my favorite car at the show. K swapped and supercharged. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Bridgemoto RX7

Another old feature car – Alan’s RX7 will forever be one of my favorites.

Import Alliance Vendor Showcase

This is what it looked like at PEAK foot traffic time on Saturday.

Honda Stepwgn

(not so)Minivan – one of the only vans in the whole place.

Bagged 4C - Nick

These are my friends – they are cool.

Skyline & RX7

JDM goodness!!!

RWB Porsche

Saturday was so much fun…

But this year – the fun got cut short…

Unfortunately, severe weather ended up causing Sunday’s activities to be cancelled. Totally out of IA’s control on this and I don’t blame them at all. Heck, we were tearing down the booth early Sunday morning in a MONSOON. I couldn’t imagine driving on performance summer tires in THAT. Anyway, thanks to the staff that make these events possible. I’ll be extra looking forward to the next one.

Photos by Ben Battles & Nathan Knapp

Text by Ben Battles