Guys guy guys. I know import drag racing might have fallen out of the limelight a bit over the last errrrr 15 years. But let’s look back over that slumpy time period. Can you honestly say the import culture is in a better place without drag racing at it core? Noooope… you can’t. Because you know better. These photos are from Import Showdown 2018; Reynolds, GA.

The sport of drag racing gives us a ceiling. It sets expectations, then it sets records… and then breaks them! It gives you, the hungry enthusiast, numbers to feed on. Even if your personal Civic has no hope in hell of running 8’s… you know that it ‘could’. And that’s enough to keep you stoked on it. That’s enough to keep you talking some friendly shit at that V8, and keep you checking off those new modifications.

Performance pushes the culture forward. And street + drag + drift + track connects all 4 corners of this culture… from a performance foundation. The problem nowadays is that we’ve all collectively gotten so sub-cultured, that we rarely get outside of our micro-box. Hell yeah that’s weird! And I blame the internet! There’s too many Facebook pages. And we become too segregated & tribal about it. There’s probably a FB page out there just for left-handed people with right-hand drive Corollas who live in Fresno. It’s redorkulous. You can be more than JUST a drifter, a track guy, drag guy, or a hard parker. You can be ALL those things! Get with Import Showdown at