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This must be Love… 

Whether or not it’s an Acura Integra GSR, we all have that certain/specific car that resonates with us. Maybe it was your childhood dream car… and you’ve never been able to get it out of your head. Heck, maybe it was the hero car from your favorite movie, TV show, or MTV video. It could’ve what your dad/grandfather drove when you were a little kid… and you can still remember the way the light came through the windshield riding around in that thing on a sunny afternoon. 

Integra GSR

In Matt Crumpton’s case, that car’s an Acura Integra.

Matt Crumpton got his first Integra when he was a teenager… and he still has it today. It’s not the one in this feature… but he does still have it. 

Integra wing

Matt’s owned over 10 Integras so far…

Whether they were parts cars, flip cars, or cars just to play around with… he’s always felt comfortable with the Integra platform. When asked why, his response kept coming back to this unexplainable driver-focused sensation/appeal that the Integra has in its DNA. Combine that with the powertrain/swap options, and the more refined ‘Acura’ interior… and Matt just felt more of a connection to the Integra, than he personally does in say – a Civic of the same era. 

Time Attack Integra

So when Matt Crumpton got the itch to build a track car… you guessed it.

His street car was frankly too nice (and sentimental), so Matt picked up a ‘97 GSR rolling shell. A blank canvas for a track car. 

track Honda B series

He began working to build the car within the ‘street class’ limits for Global Time Attack (GTA).

Matt knew he wanted to keep the car naturally aspirated, simply for the sake of reliability. His street car is turbocharged, and has been through a couple of engines itself, so he figured if he went with a solid N/A motor & ITB’s, he could have all the fun on track, and still be able to drive the car home afterwards. 

Integra cage

First, he stuck an Integra Type-R engine in it…

But it popped at Barber’s Motorsports from oil starvation (due to lack of adequate baffling in the oil pan for the high speed cornering). After learning his lesson there, he worked with Jim at Motorvations Motorsports to get a new set-up dialed in. This time – he decided to go with a built B20 bottom end & GSR head. And to avoid oil starvation, they went to a 5-quart oil pan with trap doors and a crank scraper. 

Integra Fortune Auto coilovers

The car makes 215 WHP…

A sweet-spot to go out on track & have fun, without the over-stressing of engine, drivetrain, and wallet components. At the end of the day, Matt’s Integra is a great example of what being a car guy should represent: seat time, minimized headaches… and keeping FUN as the main motive. This car was built in a garage after work with the help of buddies & brews. It’s still registered, and he still drives it to every event. The sweet spot. 

Text & photos by Hunter Rollins

Acura Integra GSR Suspension:

Fortune Auto 510s with Swift springs 10k/12k … 560lbs/672lbs

PCI upper control arms & compliance bushing 

Energy Suspension poly master kit

ITR front & rear sway bars

Spherical LCAs

Honed Development air diverters 

ASR subframe brace 

Stoptech st42r 4-piston calipers 292mm front brakes

Gator factory axles with upgraded boots

Acura Integra GSR Engine & Transmission:

Integra GSR head 

-Crower TT springs & retainers 

-Skunk2 Pro1 cams 

-Ferra 6000 valves

B20 block 

-Super Tech pistons 11.7 

-Crower lightweight sportsman rods

-complete balance on piston & rod combo

-crank scraper assembled by Jim Hellbing @Motorvations Motorsports. 

Chasebays engine harness, radiator overflow, and power steering delete kit

Hondata s300, tuned by Jim at Motorvations – makes 215 hp 156 tq

Mishimoto X-core radiator & spal fan

Moroso 5qt back door oil pan, improved racing sandwich plate, improved racing filter relocation block 

Derale oil cooler

B16 transmission

Kaaz plate diff with Hybrid springs

Chasebays clutch line

Acura Integra GSR Exterior:

PCI 3in sideskirts & rear wing 

Track Life fender cutouts

P1 air dam

Custom wooden splitter with quick disconnect brackets 

Kirk Racing 4pt roll bar with x-brace

VIS carbon fiber hood with custom heat extractors by Allan Urlich @ Kustom Blends paint and body

Acura Integra GSR Interior: 

Sparco pro adv seat with PCI seat bracket (driver). And Sparco sprint with Buddy Club rail (passenger)

Sparco steering wheel with NRG quick release

JDM ITR cluster with AEM digital dash display

Innovative wideband 

Hybrid Racing shifter

fast Honda