I need some help here, team. I’m not good at selling cars. The long and short of it is that I just flat out don’t want to. I love enthusiast cars and each one that I own holds a very special place in my life. This makes for an impossible decision when it’s time to downsize and let one go. I just can’t make my mind up with which one needs to be cut. When I made this video originally, I was set on getting rid of the Evo. Now, I’m a lot less sure. This car is special. Not only is it an electron blue low-ish mileage, clean example, but it was actually built by Super Street Magazine specifically compete against the S3 Type R. Anyway, weigh in and let me know what I should do here. If left up to me, I’ll never decide, and just continue collecting. Haha.


Sadly, i think its time to get rid of one of my cars, and it looks like the Evo VIII is on the chopping block. Anyone interested? #s3magazine #evoviii #evo8 #mitsubishievo #electronblue #carforsale #s550mustang #hondatyper

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