Point blank: The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a 5,000lb muscle-bound, “I never narc’d on nobody”, American badass.

It’s the car-version of: pulling Germany & Japan’s underwear over their head and shoving them in their own lockers

When it comes to the power wars, the only ones outdoing Mopar… is Mopar. Fool go home. NOTHING you’ve heard about the Trackhawk is overrated or embellished. The thing is a hunter… a savage. It’s BRUTALLY fast… sensory-raping, unsettling, and VIOLENT.

What’s more? It’s an SUV. (Insert German accent here) “Because poop on your cute little sports car, ya?”

The Trackhawk is a 720 wild-horse stampede, and you’re a grasshopper in their path.

That’s right… Iceman… it’s dangerous.

And thank God for that. THANK YOU MOPAR for having the balls to create the kinda future I wanna live in. As a teenager, I’d always daydream in class about growing up & driving fast cars. I never thought they’d be 700hp – STOCK with a warranty!! And I DAMN SURE never thought it’d be a Jeep Grand Cherokee. So… cheers to you guys!

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

MSRP:  Starting at $86,000

Horsepower: 707

Torque: 645

Curb Weight: 5,363

MPG: 11 / 17 (BS on 17)

Engine: 6.2 supercharged V8

Gram Lights